Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up from a hideous nightmare at 3am in which he has no head but all of his features his eyes and his nose and his mouth and his ears are on a smooth expanse of flesh that is between his shoulders. He has been kidnapped and is living in some kind of shack in the middle of America and the faceless woman in the shroud who has kidnapped him tells him he can run anywhere in this shack but he will not escape there will be no escape but he knows of one way he wakes up so he does wake up and he is terrified. He spends the next few hours until sunrise walking around his house and putting the lights on the real lights to make sure he is in the real world and he lies on his bed and he watches cartoons and then finally when the sun rises he falls asleep but he is now at a school reunion that he does not want to be at and everyone knows this so they tell him to fuck off don’t come if you don’t want to no  one wants you here and he is the only one wearing a kilt and he feels like an idiot and he does not like the ostracism that he is feeling and then he wakes up and he is two hours late for work but this is not a dream this is real he is really late for work. Then he watches a commmercial that tells him he needs to start a business but he has no ideas for a business should he have a business he feels unanchored and alone without a business that he can get a website company to make him a website for this is the American Dream – fear and stress. Then he goes to work and learns that The US Government are spying on everyone and he wonders why this is news because he thought that this was always the case but apparently there had been no proof before now just Alex Jones shouting into a microphone and he learns that there is a bacteria that shits gold and wonders if in the future these bacteria might be placed on the neck of a beautiful woman at a party and throughout the night they will shit gold all over her neck and people will laugh and applaud and be jealous of her neck that is covered in bacteria shit. Then he learns that Prince Philip is in hospital and everyone pretends to care. Turkey is still on the verge of being destroyed and the communitarian camps that have been set up in various squares are surely on the verge of being crushed but as yet they have not been crushed and there is happiness and sharing and optimism. He checks his privilege and sees that it is still there. He has lots of it. It doesn’t make him feel any better but it makes him feel worse. He does not like checking his privilege. He draws some pictures and he makes some graphics the former will be seen by ten people the latter by millions which is strange and weird in equal measure. By now everyone has normalised the massive collection of data of the American People which to him is more terrifying than anything else it didn’t even take a day for the world to find what seems insidious to become totally acceptable. These are not good things. Privacy should be valued and when privacy is conflated with secrecy everything is lost. Well not everything but a lot of things. The Mau Mau win a victory and there is the shocking revelation that the local populations of the British Empire might not have enjoyed their subservience as much as has always been taught in really bad history books. Then he walks home and it is raining but he is incredibly happy because he has an umbrella in his bag which he stored for such an occasion and he feels like an adult with his preparation for the weather and then he makes a mind map to plan out his life which seems like an adult thing to do and he seems as if he has some kind of plan and that makes him feel better and then a beautiful woman who he went on a couple of dates on contacts him and they plan to go out on Saturday night and it is out of the blue and pleasing to have been contacted even though he is not sure what prompted this contacting on her part. Then he wonders if he can write something amusing that makes a humourous comparison between St Augustine of Hippo and Glenn Beck he thinks that he can do it but he will have to percolate the thoughts a little more. Then he watches the radio and listens to the television and he goes to sleep hoping he will not have the same crawling nightmares of the night before.


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