Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. He misses his appointment to go to get his driving license. He is late for work. He sits in a chair for a long time doing nothing. He drinks a coffee. He eats some microwave heated food. He goes to the bathroom. There is a lot of blood but he thinks it is probably an exploded polyp and therefore nothing to worry about. He sits awkwardly for the rest of the day worrying about his health insurance. He sees PJ Crowley walk in to the office. He is probably here to talk about Bradley Manning. Whenever he sees PJ Crowley he always wants to say PJ Harvey. He wishes that PJ Harvey were here now singing to him about something but she is not PJ Crowley is here talking about Bradley Manning. The fans of Bradley Manning seem odd as it does seem clear that he has broken some laws and should probably be prosecuted for them even though it seems that even those as high as Robert Gates claim that no deaths can be linked to the release of the documents that doesn’t seem a reason not to prosecute him but given that he didn’t do it with the intention of giving information to the enemy to prosecute him for that particular crime seems a little over reaching but then he is not a lawyer and doesn’t really know whether this will be a show trial or not. It will probably be a show trial. Turkey is uprising or imploding or both. Then he gets on the bus and manages to make it home to lie in his bed after he has eaten some sushi and drank some ginger ale and eaten a sandwich he watches cartoons and wonders why he has managed to so monstrously fail at life. He jumps into sleep.


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