Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. He learns that it is the anniversary of The Tulsa Oklahoma Race Riot that began when an African America man accidentally stepped on the foot of a caucasian lady. It was 1921 and it was monstrous. Then he learns that Russian missiles may be on their way to Syria to protect Syria from no-fly zones. Then he learns about a mixed race baseball team in North Dakota in the 1930s played together which was a little nicer. Then he reads that habit is the ballast that chains the dog to his vomit and it seems that Beckett said that about Proust but in what context he has no idea but he agrees with the sentiment as it is something that he tends to live his life by. Then he considers the practicalities of Mars colonisation but because he is not a scientist or in that field has nothing practical to offer the project. Then he wonders why the main villain from The Matrix played by the fine actor Hugo Weaving is in a GE Commercial extolling the benefits of integrated technology in a hospital and wonders if it is a bleak joke played by the advertising company against GE and whether anyone involved except for Hugo Weaving has seen The Matrix movies and whether it is not ironic but deadly serious and the hospital in the commercial is there to not save humanity but snuff out the human virus as Hugo Weaving’s character describes humanity in the film The Matrix. Then he looks at a commercial that Glenn Beck is promoting about teachers who are allowed to look after children but not bullets the message is clear that teachers should be armed but the poster makes it look like the teacher is going to kill the children. She has ten bullets and ten children who is to say that she doesn’t go insane and use a bullet one on each child that is what the poster could be saying with the thousand yard stare on the woman’s face. It is odd but he is sure that that is not the message he is supposed to have got from the poster. Then he learns that a woman and then her child will both die because of the abortion laws in that country. He reads no further because he is already full of sorrow then he listens to Nina Simone and it cheers him a little then he reads about body politics and it makes him feel a little better that he despises his body and disbelieves anyone who enjoys it and then remembers that there are very few people on this earth who have enjoyed it. Then he get depressed about the Cult of Ted Talks and is sure that there will be an anti-TED talk circuit setting up very soon and then he will loathe that as well. Then he wonders whether there is a comparison to be made between Robert Bales and Michael Adebolajo maybe they are both suffering from PTSD if one is a victim then can they both be victims despite the horrors they have perpetrated? He does not know the answer but the thoughts forming trouble him and they make the edges of his reality fray that much more. Then he hears that a woolly mammoth has been discovered with flowing blood and meat. Will they clone it? Will someone cook the meat and have a mammoth burger? He bets that people would like to do both. He would like to do both. Riding a Woolly Mammoth whilst eating a mammoth burger whilst watching episodes of Family Feud. Then he learns that the hosts of Morning Joe think that he is shameful because he plays video games but he thinks that they can probably both go and fuck themselves but then he thinks that is a little rude of him so he stops thinking that then he learns that banks have made the highest profits since records began in the last few months and wonders why this was just an aside in a news report and not the main story anywhere because this is really fucking disgusting and even as the media crow that the house prices are rising and the consumer economy is rising and everything is back to normal they ignore the poor and they ignore the jobless and they ignore the credit card debt and they ignore the student debt and he goes to sleep not really wanting to wake up but he will because he has will power and if he doesn’t he won’t be able to enjoy the various things about life he enjoys.


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