Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. It is hot. It is sweltering and hot. He takes a shower. He gets on a bus. He gets on a train. He starts to write a poem about his father and a poem about his family. They are both quite difficult to write. He reads the newspaper. He makes a television programme about gospel music. He reads that a baby has been born out of a pipe in China and thinks that this is going to be the beginning of an Epic and Magical life. He may have thought this before but he can’t remember.  Then he learns about women from the Syrian conflict who are having to sell themselves in Jordan to feed their families and marriage brokers who are selling other women to old men so that they can feed their families and so the horror increase and spreads and then he remembers the hanging camera at the station and all the cameras on his way to work and he remembers the panopticon and then he wonders what it would be like to live in a reflection and then a beautiful woman sits next to him and he imagines that she did it because he was sitting there and she wanted to sit next to him but then he realises that she gives no signs of this and was probably tired after a long day of work and the bench had plenty of room so she took the space that he was not occupying. She has beautiful tattoos on her right arm that he explores out of the corner of his eyes and then he sees another beautiful woman and he thinks that she is staring at him and she keeps staring and he is about to respond with a facial expression but then he realises that she is staring at the interesting poster advertising the interesting exhibition that is on the wall behind him and the train comes so he gets on the train and he wonders where the day went and then he remembers the time he went ice skating in London with a friend and they drank mulled wine and they went on a ferris wheel and they had german sausage and then later they went to a fashion party where there was a famous dj and boy george was there and the alcohol was free and then there was a racist in the coat queue that they got angry with and then they went walking through the street and it all sounds like a dream except he is sure that he has video footage of some of that night including the beautiful blue lit ice skating but he is not sure maybe it was a dream because what was boy george doing there maybe he was auditioning for The A-Team Movie. Then he worries about his court date and then he worries about his finances and then he worries about his lack of talent and then he hates an article by Thomas Friedman which seems to actually be a not very veiled commercial for a friend of his daughter and then he eats some yogurt and granola and blueberries and then he listens to NPR and then he plays some Borderlands 2 and then he reads and then he writes and then he ignores his panic and he manages to go to sleep.


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