Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. He gets on the bus. He puts on clothes before getting on the bus. He gets to work. He drinks a coffee. He reads some words. He makes a sandwich. He eats some chips. He reads some more words. He designs some graphics. He eats some lunch. He directs some television. He gets on the bus. He still has his clothes on. He meets a woman. He gets on with the woman. She takes her clothes off. They start touching each other. She drinks white wine. Then she smokes a cigarette and then she touches herself some more then she sniffs some drugs. Then she says she is bored. So he puts his clothes on and he leaves. He thinks he may have imagined all of this, leaving her alone in her hotel room but he is not sure. He has never been told directly he is boring but he has always suspected it. He goes home and he reads and then he eats some food and then he goes to sleep pondering on the boring sex he managed to involve a stranger in. He goes to sleep.


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