Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up his legs are like jelly his body is like jelly his brain is like jelly. He has a coffee he has a shower he needs to shave but he does not shave. He goes to a thrift store and he buys a suit dress and helps the owners of the thrift store with the description of a guitar stand. They do not know what it is and think it is some kind of puzzle but he helps them and he also closes it up for them so they can put it away and they put it on a shelf and charge $12 instead of the $8 they were going to charge for it. Then he gets to work and he has a sandwich and he makes some graphics and there is war in Nigeria although it is not being called war yet and there is scandal in Washington although there is always scandal in Washington but usually it is legitimised and then he gets the bus home and then he eats some salmon and some macaroni and cheese and some broccoli and then he gets back on a bus and then another bus and he reads some Livy and he reads some World War II History and then he listens to the radio and then he writes some words and then he watches an episode of Space Brothers and then he wonders where the day went and the he goes to sleep.


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