Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. He feels like he has been asleep for a long time. His body still works and his mind still works. He gets stopped by a policwoman and told that his British Driving License won’t work in America and that he needs to get a new one and here is a fine and also your emissions test hasn’t been done here is a fine and also your car isn’t licensed here is a fine and here is a fine because you don’t have your British Driving license with you but I will let you drive home and don’t do it again and he says thank you and then he does some laundry and then he wonders what the point of any of it is and wonders what the difference between wanting to be dead and not wanting to alive is and then he has a coffee and then he has some candy and then he applies for a state driving license 5 years too late but still he is applying for it and then he tries to navigate the complicated roads of childhood and he fails and then he watches an astronaut sing a david bowie song in space and it makes him sad and happy and then he reads an article by Chris Hedges and it just makes him angry. Then he goes to sleep.


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