Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. He wakes up to Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. It is a radio show. It is an old time radio show. He has changed his radio alarm because he can no longer listen to the news. He can no longer consume the news he has become saturated in it. It no longer holds any meaning to him. He can no longer watch porn. He has become saturated in it. He can no longer watch news or porn and they both blend into each other and twist like ropes together to make one thicker rope that was threatening to hang him from a leafless tree but now he is safe and he is glad that he did not get that job he applied for at CNN because they are never knowingly correct and all they seem to do is flap their mouths and make noise and he thinks that they have great courage to keep on broadcasting even after they have  proven themselves to be incorrect and proven themselves to be incorrect and proven themselves to be incorrect. So poor are they that to call it bad journalism is to do a disservice to the very meaning of the word journalism. The very meaning of the word journalism is the activity or profession of writing for newspapers or magazines or of broadcasting news on radio or television or the product of such activity. Then he has a coffee and then he drives his car and then he has a shower and then he has a bagel and then he draws some pictures and then he is saddened by the horror and then he has some rice and tuna for lunch and then he makes some graphics and then he has a bar of chocolate and then he feels real pangs of real sadness because someone he has never met ignored him on skype last night and then he draws some pictures. Then he reads The Panopitcon letters by Jeremy Benthem and he thinks that we live in The Panopticon and we are our own guards and then his argument with himself slowly falls apart because the panopticon is a self-contained prison where everyone behaves because no one is ever sure whether the warden is watching them or not and society, in comparison, is far more complicated than that. Even so he thinks that he may have some way of connecting the two and writing a hit sociological treatise which will give him all the respect and then the sex he feels he deserves yet, in truth doesn’t really want and would just prefer, if he were being honest, a cuddle. He takes some photographs and then wonders if there is a meaningful way he can take some artistic erotic photographs but he cannot think of any acceptable ideas so he dismisses that thought for now and then he charges his cell phone and then he watches The Justice League and then he thinks and ponders and thinks some more and his eyes hurt from pollen allergies and maybe from general sadness and then he goes to sleep.


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