Another Day – Appetite for Distraction.

He wakes up. His head is muzzy with wine. He is naked and alone and he has an erection. He makes a coffee and admires his new smart phone longer and more lingeringly than he has any right to do. Then he has a bagel slathered in honey for breakfast. Then he drives. Then he gets a bus. Then he gets a train. He writes poetry on the bus and he draws on the bus and he plays Words with Friends on the train. He has got over his failure of his phone interview and he is glad that it went badly so that he now doesn’t have the opportunity to earn lots of money and do a challenging job that he would love. He gets to work and he buys some mixed nuts from CVS. He gorges on them whilst drinking a coffee. He makes graphics. He talks with colleagues. There are moments during the day when he feels very sad and empty and alone but there are also moments during the day when he feels happy and excited and he is full of the joy of life. He meets a friend for lunch and they laugh and they talk and they eat bread and he finds that it is not enough time and the hour goes too quickly but they have to say goodbye and he goes back to work and he does more work. Then work is over and he goes home and he takes his kid to her school for an international festival and she is embarassed by him so terribly embarassed but her friends seem nice and then when they have to leave she runs from him so he has to chase her round the school and he has already nearly had  panic attack from the masses of parents and the screaming of children and the beating of hearts and the pumping of hearts but he manages to find her and she won’t even walk with him and he thinks this is how kids are but it makes him feel so sad and hurt and disappointed that he is just a walking wallet and driver but she is a small child so why would she think any different. Then he goes home and he eats fish and macaroni and cheese and brocolli and he drinks wine and he goes into chat rooms but they are full of bots and then he reads and then he plays a video game and then he listens to the radio and then he writes and then he reads some more and then he drinks coffee and then he drinks wine and then he sleeps.


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