Culture of Illusion – Why My Requests For Employment Go Unanswered By Stan Lee.


The sterling Beckettian script is mine.

The drawings are taken from SuperActionComicMaker. It’s better when it’s all one word.

Published by

The Sleepcoat League

Armchair anthropologist, sometime scribe, freelance philosopher, amateur artist, part-time poet, musical maven, alliteration aficionado.

10 thoughts on “Culture of Illusion – Why My Requests For Employment Go Unanswered By Stan Lee.”

  1. Did you make that one? Funny! And pretty talented. All you need is more work on the backgrounds and ‘plot’. Actually talented – your stuff? Also an artist here so…ha 🙂


      1. Well I liked the writing – and you had a type of plot there, more like ‘everyman’s hero plot, and often they get rejected too. Imagine if everyone wanted to be your friend, not because you are you – but because you are BATMAN or ( insert name ) . what would that do to his Psyche? Would he get used? Would he become bitter and jaded? This is how I see them in your plot…we can explore it further…


      2. yes.
        That’s a very interesting interpretation.
        I like it.
        I’d like to see more existentially lost superheroes.
        My process for creating this was far less measured. I just relaxed my brain and then picked the first pictures and then first words that came to my head.
        What happens between reader and page is then something entirely new and, as you showed, more interesting. 🙂


      3. I can go on. Iron man was screwed by the man. The renewal costs for his equipment rose because of the global financial ‘shuffle’ and he had to get cheaper quality metals. He also could not get a tax break for his equipment, and the government fined him for ‘failure of registration of’ metal’ with a new trade law and he would have had to apply for a license. Thus, he plunged to become the scrap to pay his bill. He could simply not corrode with dignity.


      4. The Hulk was in the spotlight too much during the seventies and developed a body dysmorphic disorder. Had to use steroids and you can still see him these days with died coal black hair at times in New Jersey. The problem with that is, he never changes anymore. kind of a rip-off, he was driven to insecure insecurity and developed this steroid addiction.
        Spider Man’s ID was stolen. After a while he got fed up with all the likenesses. Lookalikes filled the streets. After a while he ran out of work because he was overexposed.
        You know, and the add insult to injury, Magneto started working with Facebook.


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