Culture of Illusion – Gloriously Weird.

One of my favourite sites to peruse is Open Culture.

This video popped up today.

It makes no sense to me but it makes no sense in a lovely distracting way.

There is always something to love about Yoko Ono and this is just one more thing. The fact that what this video really is is a commercial for a new range of clothing from Open Ceremony is, I think, probably forgiveable. It is forgiveable isn’t it?

Oh no, wait, in the course of typing I have changed my mind. What we have here is another sandwich board. Why must they always be sandwich boards? I suppose artists need to live and eat and pay mortgages too.

And yet…

Yet maybe there is more to the all too common Company/Artist relationship this time. The designs are so odd perhaps they are subversive. Maybe Yoko Ono is having the last laugh. Maybe she is making unwearable anti-style clothing and taking the money and running off to do some more wonderful and infuriating performance art.

This may be a big fuck you to fashion, to men, to women, to commerce, to herself.

Or it may just be exactly what it looks like – an artist being employed by a company to express an idea through a medium that, generally, reeks of commerce and compromise.

I especially love the hand prints on the crotch region.

I would not look good in this.

All art is pornography. Someone very clever once said that somewhere once…

That is all I have to say about this thing.

What a great world we live in.

[sources: Open Culture and Vimeo]

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