Sonnet 1

I woke up today and I thought of you.

The sheets were cold and the sky was full of snow.

I dressed but I could not find my left shoe.

If you were here it would not be lost now.

Memories of slow dancing by the lake

Feel fleeting like the sleet I see outside.

I try to hold onto them but the wake

Of the slow boat of Time seems to divide

You from I. Me from We. Myself alone,

Shuffling in a small circle of distress,

Dancing a solo waltz as the cold dawn

Shudders the marrow from my bones. No less

Than a flake on my nose snaps me awake.

You are gone forever – my love. My ache.

Published by

The Sleepcoat League

Armchair anthropologist, sometime scribe, freelance philosopher, amateur artist, part-time poet, musical maven, alliteration aficionado.

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