Sonnet 3

I want to know how far we have to run Before we reach that mountain top of Myth. What jungles, … More

The Vagabond.

There is a restaurant over yonder On top of that lonely old hill. It is owned by a ragged vagabond … More

Sonnet 2

The key is sitting under the small clock. It is not the key I am looking for. The key I … More

Mixed Message.

Too many cooks spoil the broth Many hands make light work Many hands make light broth Too many hands spoil … More


Careful what you wish for Because it might come true. Beware of what you hope for It might leave you … More

Sonnet 1

I woke up today and I thought of you. The sheets were cold and the sky was full of snow. … More


Balding trees lace the grey sky of Fall. Soft wet earth clods on meandering shoes. Tiny feet stumble after a … More