Appetite for Distraction – Another Day.

He wakes up. Then he falls back to sleep and he dreams he is on a boat that is sailing into a cliff that then becomes a car and in both he is trapped in the passenger seat and at the mercy of the lunatic driver. Everything is pink and then he wakes up and has a coffee and does some laundry because he has no clean underwear or no clean socks and he needs these things if he is going to be a productive member of society. He helps a child make a diorama of The Lorax which is rather good. Then he draws some cartoon animals which  are also rather good. Then he reads some of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which he enjoys then he goes to Target to buy toilet paper because toilet paper is important for many things and there is none left in the house and tradition dictates that toilet paper be used for one very important function. Then he watches a bit of Ghost Rider which seems even more ridiculous than Air Force One that he saw a bit of yesterday. There is a lot of face acting in both and they are very hard to watch. He can no longer suspend his disbelief and he is sad about this. He reads some more of The Puppet Masters which is now using nudity and sex to save the world and there are two chapters where the hero gets married and has a honeymoon. This does slow the drama down a little. It is a brave choice for Heinlein. Odd but brave. He wanders into sleep.


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