Striking out on the path into the deep forest Alone. Sharp-clawed hook-toothed beasts Wait. Take your memories of happiness as … More

Sunday Lunch

Hot custard dripping on syrup pudding. Crusting syrup thick and burnt on corners Of steaming sponge.

Mixed Message

Too many cooks spoil the brothMany hands make light work Many hands make light brothToo many hands spoil work Too … More


Careful what you wish forBecause it might come true.Beware of what you hope forIt might leave you feeling blue. Careful … More


Balding trees lace the grey sky of Fall.Soft wet earth clods on meandering shoes.Tiny feet stumble after a tumbling ballOver … More

Blue Open Sky

What thoughts gash the mind of that Dropping Sack As I look on Unconcerned? I am disinterested Too distant To … More