One Town’s War on Gay Teens | Rolling Stone

The boys crowded around her on the bus.

“Hey, Brittany, I heard your friend Sam shot herself.”

“Did you see her blow her brains out?”

“Did you pull the trigger for her?”

“Was there brain all over the wall?”

“You should do it too.”




Teenage bullies may be downright appalling, but true evil lies in the grown men and women who systematically enable and encourage this behaviour.

This Rolling Stone piece will break your heart – and remind you why gay rights should never be simply a case of “special rights”.

When the Anoka-Hennepin district’s sex-ed curriculum came up for re-evaluation in 1994, religious conservatives argued that any form of gay tolerance in school is actually an insidious means of promoting homosexuality – that openly discussing the matter would encourage kids to try it.

But following 15-year-old Justin Aeberg’s suicide – Anoka-Hennepin’s seventh – individual teachers quietly began taking small risks to offer solace to gay students in crisis. “My job is just a job; these children are losing their lives,” says teacher Jefferson Fietek.

Anti-gay backlash was instant.

Minnesota Family Council president Tom Prichard blogged that Justin’s suicide could only be blamed upon one thing: his gayness. “Youth who embrace homosexuality are at greater risk, because they’ve embraced an unhealthy sexual identity and lifestyle.”

And yet this, is one of the myriad reasons why some parts of America are terrible, terrible and thrice I say terrible.

Stand up to this bullshit.

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